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Feeling Overwhelmed?

New Partner?                    Separation?

New Baby?                       Empty Nest?

New job?                            Retirement?

What if you had some help?

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Have you said, I don’t know if I can do this?

We often find ourselves overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin, what to do next. Our "TO DO" list keeps growing. What we took for granted – our routine, help with tasks, even sleep – is in question. We need to rediscover the confidence in ourselves to balance our lives. Like riding a bicycle, we may be out of practice; it might be more comfortable if someone held the handlebars till we got going again.

Why do you need help?

It is difficult to think clearly and creatively at a time of transition and stress. Sometimes someone else can be more practical about our situation, to think outside the box, to remind us of the rich network we may never have needed to tap into.

Why Call Maggi?

I can help you identify a new structure, to begin thinking in a way that organizes the tasks you must tend to, streamlines your efforts, and maximizes your resources. The result can be more time and energy to devote to your children or grandchildren, your business, your art, and the pleasures in your life-- and less time worrying about making sure you don’t drop the pieces.

I am a freelance writer, visual artist, teacher and consultant to individuals and small businesses. I helped launch and manage three biotech companies. But when I resigned from my last managerial position, I took with me the skills that helped me succeed in the corporate world: organization and communication skills, the ability to see the big picture while also being extremely detail-oriented. I can oversee complex projects, plan events, develop systems to organize and get things done.

Let’s shrink your TO DO list!

Tesserae, (Latin for mosaic) applies to shards of ceramic tile and to the pieces of our lives. It’s all about “putting it all together” in new, functional, pleasing ways.

Initial Consultation Package Includes:
  • Phone conversation to meet each other, assess your needs, our fit. (no charge if we stop here.)
  • Initial visit in your home or office to see the "lay of the land" and to better clarify your needs. (up to 1 hour)
  • I research your options, develop a plan, and offer recommendations in writing.

Initial fee: $75
(Hourly rate also available, if you’d rather just get started.)

Take the first step! Call today: (919) 886-1394. No contracts. No obligation.

MY SERVICES - tailored to meet your needs, whatever they are, once a week, or "on call." You’re in charge!

Who Uses My Services?
  • A woman starting a home business needs to define workspace, pay bills, systems to track customers.
  • A physician with small children at home – is trying to balance a lot!
  • An artist needs a new resume, marketing materials, advertising.
  • A parent seeks encouragement and a mentor for their child’s interest in writing or painting.
  • A man wants to write his memoir.
  • A woman recently divorced – who will help with all the things he did?
  • A single woman adopts a baby from India – how will she embrace this new world of parenting without losing herself?
  • A woman’s youngest child is off to college – no more school plays, soccer games, PTA meetings – her time is her own, for the first time in 20 years!
  • A widow needs assistance to file insurance claims, prepare for taxes, get to appointments, a hospital stay.

What Do My Clients Say?

"Maggi helped us get our home ready to sell and organized our move into a retirement facility. We couldn’t have done it without her. After we were settled in, she came only once a month to tackle paperwork."

"During my divorce I felt nervous, overwhelmed, inert. Tasks which I had shared (or were done for me) were now my sole responsibility, and I didn't know if I could handle them, or if I even WANTED to. You helped me see that I could have a plan, and could get the help I needed without paying a fortune."

"When my life got turned upside down, I often questioned my ability to cope ‘alone.’ But Maggi reminded me we are not alone--we have tremendous resources. She didn’t just do it all for me--she helped me see that, with a system in place, I can do a lot myself."

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