Maggi Grace

First a writer, I often repeated the phrase "Writing is just painting with words."

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Fly for Your Life Paddle for Your Life Island Hopping
Jazz Celebration Kayak Openings Closings
Saint Maarten How Close The Moon Sick String Guitar Something New Under the Sun
Straight Ahead Jazz as voices are said to carry over water Times Running Out Who Can Stop You
Thirsty World Watch Her as voices are said to carry over water
It's Downhill From Here Red Bicycle Thirsty World II
Flower Child First Desire Calico Cat Sante Fe II
Watery World Elephant in Trees How High the Moon
Brian's Painting Kyrgyzstan Eclipse 2
Canoe 2 Oasis 1 Sun Up 4 Paper, Rock, Feather Orange Bay
Before Dark Sante Fe Evening Flight Two By Two Blue Jazz
Dream Sleep Disappearing Act Too The Key to Peace is Love - Pink The Key to Peace is Love - Purple
Through the Cracks Window Pane Aerial Kitchen Aerial  Pizza
By Way of Fire In Memory So Close Antique Red
Canyon de Chelly Edges of Red Disappearing Act Rhythm
I'm So Happy I Could Cry Letting Go Oasis Rebuilding A Rose
You Canít Always Get What You Want The Spill of Autumn Rhythm of the Drum Hunting the Rain
Roots Genesis Study in White

Now a visual artist, I know art in any form comes from that same spot inside each of us. If we are listening, we will know the words, the images, the colors, the way to move our bodies, the notes to sing, to portray our experience of knowing in that place.

Painting is just describing what we see (or "know inside") with color. Artist Sue Anderson first began to dispel my fear of paint by proclaiming, "Painting is about paint." I learned I could paint even if I couldn't draw realistically.

My painting style and techniques have been largely influenced by Frederica Bishop's "Intuitive Painting" and and Stewart Cubley's "The Painting Experience."

Abstract, figurative, mixed media. I never sit down to paint a vase of flowers or a cardinal or my mother's face. Whenever I paint, which is often in the middle of the night when I know better than to put off the strong stirring to paint . I try to tap into that innermost place and just listen. As in writing, what comes out on the paper or canvas is often a complete surprise to me. Often I have either already written the poem that accompanies it, or the poem comes after the visual image. As in writing, if we get rid of the "shoulds" and the audience for whom we think we are creating, we get to the real work at hand.

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