Sixth Sense Caring - Stories of Creative Eldercare by Maggi Ann Grace


We celebrate caregivers everywhere, and the way they often develop a 'sixth sense' to imagine and create unique ways to bring comfort and stimulation to a person in need– personalizing and dignifying the experience in the process. Caregiving is a profoundly meaningful experience and by paying attention to a person’s specific preferences (in this model, based on the five senses) everyone benefits. We believe that if adult children would stop and identify the music that is most likely to calm them, the fabrics and items from the natural world that they love to touch, etc. we would have a better chance of orchestrating our own best care when the time comes that we rely on someone else to remember what brings us comfort.

If you have elderly parents or relatives, this book is a wealth of information that will help you make their day and your time together fun and very meaningful. - Alan S. Bahama, NC

This book of inspired ideas and stories showcases the remarkable, typically unnoticed creativity that caregivers bring to their work. It is meant to be the beginning of a dialogue, the first step to sharing our best discoveries, our most effective ideas as we focus on the moments of connection, of pleasure. In many cases, it is all in a day’s work of remembering who our loved ones are, even if they have forgotten.

Your book is truly a feast for the senses - it is breathtakingly beautiful. It sings love and joy. It feels like the touch of a reassuring hand. And I can virtually taste it, smell it - chocolate and roses. You have created a work so important. So lovely and loving. So helpful --that I am awestruck. - Sarah F.
Maggi Ann Grace
Just got your book in the mail, it's amazing!!! I plan on getting it to several people: one woman who's dealing with her husband's dementia, and a therapist. It is so beautifully put together and inviting and brilliant in organization in the senses. I would have loved to have shared this in my mum's dementia unit, but I will find people who need it. - Susie W. Chapel Hill, NC

Maggi Ann Grace is also the author of State of the Heart: A True Story of Lifesaving Surgery in India. She lives in Durham, NC where she cares for her parents.


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