Sixth Sense Caring - Stories of Creative Eldercare by Maggi Ann Grace



This book preserves and celebrates the caregiver’s intuitive power and imagination. In large and small ways, caregivers improvise and bring something new to the table, often on a daily basis. There are countless ways this creative spark appears: It can be in ideas to resolve a practical issue (i.e. How can I reduce the evening anxiety about ‘going home’?). Or it can come in ways to re-frame a situation to change the mood (i.e. What can I do to inspire a sense of gratitude instead of focusing on a current disappointment?)

As caregivers, one of our goals is always to help our loved one feel recognized and remembered. It is rewarding for both parties when we find a way to turn a mundane task into a lively, personal exchange. These creative acts–in the midst of compromised, often heartbreaking experiences of suffering and loss–provide moments of shared pleasure and meaning which often are poignant, lifelong memories. Our passion is to shine a light on this true hands-on-healthcare.

I just received my copy and sat for over an hour (miraculous for me) reading and enjoying the stories and photographs! The spiral binding and slick, heavy pages make it easy to handle. These "little" things make a big difference. Great job, Maggi! - Janet G. - St. Louis, MO

The book is filled with stories and tips of how to create more of those moments. They are grouped by activities relating to each of the five senses, allowing for the caregiver’s sixth sense (intuition and creativity) to adapt and transform them to suit their situation. In addition there are sections on Sensory Outings, Activities of Daily Living, and Long Distance Caregiving and Travel.

This book is useful to Activity Professionals, adult children, professional caregivers, and anyone who might want some say in how they are cared for when the need arises.

Your lovely book is truly a wonderful tool of ideas that can be used by caregivers for years to come. – Carol S.

It is my hope that this book serves as a springboard for even more ideas – ideally, the beginning of an ongoing dialogue with caregivers everywhere. We hope you will share your ideas and stories about your creative caregiving experience for the next edition of this book. Click on the 'Submit Your Story' bird or on the CONTACT US page.
Sounds like a book we should all have at our finger tips. – Sonja L.

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