Maggi Grace

Artist’s Statement

Maggi Grace As both a writer and visual artist, I hold a deep regard for the creative process common to all art forms. For 20 years I have taught creative writing and painting in classrooms, summer camps, retirement homes, hospital psychiatric wards, healing art centers, home schools, staff retreats, prisons, at professional conferences, in orphanages and schools in India and Thailand, and in shelters for battered women and the homeless. I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing from UNC-Greensboro, and I have studied with local artists, each mentor adding a new dimension to my work. Soon it became clear to me that writing and visual art and creative movement come from the same seed. I now incorporate writing and other art forms into images and experiences that beg to cross genre and medium. My abstract and figurative paintings use acrylics, inks, and natural objects. Often they are the result or beginning of an original poem. My mosaics are all original designs – anything can be mosaic-ed!

When I began helping people organize and manage their home businesses and offices, or planning events, I chose Putting it All Together as my slogan. Suddenly my mosaics and mixed media paintings became the perfect metaphor for our hectic lives. Whether regarding a client's office or the art I am creating, it is about design, finding just the right fit, the right blend to make something meaningful and useful. It is about working with what we have, and putting it all together.

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